• Is tearing off the existing roof required?

    Most jurisdictions do require you tear off to the decking and rebuild the roof system.  Some will allow up to 2 layers.  Its not recommended for the added weight to the roof and multiple layers do not bode well for performance.

  • When is re-decking a roof required?

    In most cases re-decking is not required.  Maybe some areas need attention.  If your decking is what is called spaced slat decking, where there is a half  inch or more space between boards then re-deck is required to properly install the new shingles. 

  • Are new shingles designed for high winds?

    Yes, most jurisdictions in the California area will require a shingle that is rated with a certain wind rating.  It will vary by location.

  • Are new gutters required when replacing the roof?

    They are not required, but it’s a good time to consider new gutters if they are in need of attention.

  • How does wind damage a roof?

    High winds and gusts will lift up the edge of the shingles and bend them back, eventually breaking them off.  Each shingle has a sealing strip that seals to the shingle below it.  When that is worn out wind damage will occur.

  • When is a roof getting to the end of its effective life?

    A roof is reaching the end of its effective life when the shingles are starting to curl up on the edges.  Also when aggregate is knocked off and the asphalt is exposed to the UV rays.  It will eventually start leaking and causing problems.

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