More business owners and homeowners seek solar power because it offers clean and renewable energy at an affordable price. These individuals understand the immediate and long-term benefits of solar panels, including the ability to achieve complete energy independence, the opportunity to improve the environment through the use of safe, clean energy, and the chance to improve property value and earn credits or cash via net metering.


However, questions remain about the installation process, as consumers are rightfully concerned about the timetable, costs and effort involved in installing solar panels. The veteran designers, electricians and installers at Smart Solar and More are prepared to answer these questions and offer experienced consultation to business owners and homeowners around California.


If you're considering solar panel installation and want to know more about the process, contact Smart Solar and More today. We are the local experts when it comes to the installation of photovoltaics (PV), with the technical know-how needed to ensure durable and efficient installs that deliver cost-effective energy for decades.


Factors to Consider When Searching for California Solar Installers


The first step in ensuring a successful PV installation is to find the right provider. An experienced and knowledgeable solar panel company - like Smart Solar and More - offers the credentials and expertise needed for a satisfying installation. That's why it's important not to sacrifice quality and experience for the cheapest bid possible - it could result in dissatisfaction down the road.


Smart Solar and More Solar Panels, Systems Design & Installation


Our Solar Expertise Is Outstanding

• Certified PV Installer

• We stand by our reputation

• Nationally trained employees

• Insured

• Licensed Electrical contractor

• Locally owned

• Do all phases of design and installation

• 25 year panel warranty

• 10 year warranty on labor

• Two year free maintenance plan

• We know roofs!

• Sloped roofs (composition, tile, shake, shingle, metal)

• Flat roofs (hot tar, rubber, modified)

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