Various funding tools are available from local, state and federal sources to facilitate affordable, and in many cases, a no-money-down, positive cash-flow scenario, providing solar to most Commercial, Industrial, Residential, and Not-for-Profit properties. Solar energy is a low-risk, high-reward investment. Customers can often obtain risk-adjusted ROI's, unsurpassed by other existing investment alternatives.  One size does not fit all. We understand the value of balancing capital and resources when running a business, and take the time to understand your goals in order to model customized financing structures to meet your needs.




Affordable Solar partners with Admirals Bank to offer a secured, $25,000 Title I Home Improvement Loan. The loan offers low interest rates and flexible terms and requires no home equity. Borrowers also have the option of re-amortizing the loan within two years to fully utilize any PV tax credits or other incentives. Furthermore, the $15,000, interest-free piggyback option allows borrowers to immediately monetize incentives and purchase the PV system that fits their needs. For installers, this loan offers a favorable alternative to the leasing options that have flooded the industry. Give your customers the opportunity to OWN their PV system! View more loan information in the resources below, or call today.


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